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Winners of the 2022 KYHS Speech Contest

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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 KYHS Speech Contest!

This Year's Topic/Subject
• “What have you learned from the pandemic?”
(Share the social, physical, and/or mental impacts COVID-19 has had on your life.)

Contest Judge: Mr. Patrick Brookover, Writing/Speech Specialist (Virginia, US)

1st Prize: Kristin Park (Ivy Collegiate School, 11th)
Speech Title: Memento Mori
Judge's Comment: Your use of English is better than most high school students. It was a very unique topic that I wasn’t expecting.  You were intense and engaging with good eye contact.  You varied your tone of voice, which helps keep a listener engaged. You dealt with a difficult topic in a graceful and thoughtful way.  Well done.

2nd Prize: Ye Eun Cha (Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul, 11th)
Speech Title: The Realization of My Bias
Judge's Comment: Nice eye contact.  This was the best example of using the lead and tying it back at the end of the speech.  This is something I always stress in speech.  Say what you are going to say, say it, say that you said it. This speech about non-verbal was very interesting and something I have thought a lot about. I loved the way you illustrated smiling, squinting, etc.  It was very funny to hear about the pajama background of our lives.  As you say, we are always presenting just what we want people to see.  Very insightful and frankly a close second in this contest. Remember to always use your humor.

3rd Prize: Jinhyuk Jang (Cheongna Dalton School, 11th)
Speech Title: Leading by not Leading
Judge's Comment: This one hit a nerve.  I practiced Tae Kwon Do for ten years before my last major injury.  My daughter does pole vault for Virginia Tech University.  You reminded me of what athletes have been going through with the pandemic. You had a very interesting take of how we are all recovering.  There could have been a stronger parallel between your recovering from injury and the world recovering from the pandemic. You need to slow down during the speech.  I hope you can fully return to your love of skiing.

Honorable Mention: Justin Park (Yongsan International School of Seoul, 11th),  Patrick Kim (Asia Pacific International School, 10th)

* Certificates and gifts (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize) will be mailed to the winners in June 2021.


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